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    March 23, 2013
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stay tuned. there's mo
this flower girl really steals the show. >> it was a beautiful wedding until an unhappy flower girl stole the show. [ screaming ] >> that is worth seeing again. >> i think her family will be using that video against her for years. >> absolutely and she is (male announcer)d she is this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing at eight. a state-wide manhunt for a man san jose police say stabbed a woman to death. this is the suspect, 29- year-old juan ramirez. new tonight -- investigators say he and his victim were at one point romantically involved.
but since then --- a restraining order had been filed against him. the murder happened yesterday afternoon. right now, police are asking for your help to track down the accused killer. kron4's rob fladeboe has the latest. >> issue was a very nice young lady. >> reporter: john nguyen shared garage space with the victim, who lived with her young son in this apartment on first street and died in the parking lot after being stabbed multiple times by her ex boyfriend with what witnesses described as a butcher knife. >> i think that i've seen this guy before. >> reporter: this was that same parking lot friday evening as heavily-armed police scoured the neighborhood for the killer, who was seen jumping a fence and escaping on foot. video from our helicopp with abc 7 nes
shows squads of police, their guns drawn, going door to door in search of a man later identified as 29-year-old juan ramirez whom they say was stalking sandra cruces gonzales, his former girlfriend. >> we have determined that their relationship ended about two years ago but he has been stalking her. >> reporter: police say gonzales had obtained a restraining order to keep ramirez away but a friend says he rebuffed her efforts to part ways and that friday was not the first time he had made unwelcome visits to her apartment. >> she was doing the correct thing. by obtaining restraining orders. >> reporter: as friends and neighbors stopped by to pay their respects a family
member asked for time before making any public comment. the stabbing occurred across the street from the sheriff's office and a few blocks from police headquarters, officers were on scene within minutes but somehow ramirez managed to get away. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news thyminehomicide detectives said that ramirez may be attempting to flee to mexico. >> and is possibly driving a dark green, 1996 toyota t- 100 pickup truck similar to the one you see on your screen. we'll continue the search -- and bring you any updates as we get them.
vicki new tonight -- the dramatic >> there were rival gangs at this nightclub that caused this nightclub. neighbors heard dozens of shot outside of that night club. and near this parking lot. they were walking in the streets with guns drawn. a cousin of one of the victims did not want his face on camera but >> all i heard was pop, pop, pop. the gunman continued to run. so i do not think that they were aiming for anybody they were just shooting.
police, their guns first time he had >> san leandro police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. kron four's philippe djegal describes the shooting. and, explains why one family >> reporter: a woman was unloading some items out of her car in this driveway. on the 15-thousand 500 block of harbor way. when the san leandro police say two suspects approached her. before 9-30 friday night and tried to rob her. moments later. the woman's son-in-law walked out of the front door and tried to intervene. police say one of the suspects then opened fire. shooting the man, who was later pronounced dead at a hospital. the woman was not injured. police have released a
vague description of the suspects. two african american's. both adults. a man and possibly a woman. investigators say they left the area in a dark colored sedan. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> a private vigil was held earlier this evening in memory of the victim. news organizations were asked not to film it. people who live in that neighborhood describe the area as very quiet and peaceful. tonight at 11, we speak with a neighbor who saw the family almost everyday. he says he is devastated by this tragedy. that's new tonight at 11. >> marysville raceway is reopening just a week after a deadly crash kills two people. today the track hosted the tenth annual great taxi cab open. a race that features stock cars and super stocks with wings. panels and foils that help the cars zip around the track. >> we have a lot of sunshine this day today. san jose
made it into the mid 60s. san francisco, oakland nearly 70 degrees. temperatures in creasing it is going to be another nice day. a bit of a breeze and clear conditions. a clear night tonight with no fog. clear conditions and sunshine from sunrise to sunset. temperatures will be climbing into the mid 70's like concord. and san jose some of these readings for tomorrow will be a few degrees even warmer but there is cooler weather. even the chance for rainfall, coming up. coming up, the just released 911 call from georgia, where a baby was shot in the head.
new tonight, we are learning more about the young suspected gunmen. then -- severe weather hitting parts of the u-s. from floods to heavy snow. a look at some of the most dramatic video. and kron4 is live outside the h-p pavillion, where march madness is in full swing. cal taking on syracuse -- a full report at 8-30.
vicki new tonight -- the dramatic 911 calls. just minutes after a baby was shot and killed in georgia. right now, two teenagers are charged with the murder. all this happened thursday, while the little boy was being pushed in a stroller by his mother.
cristina mutchler has the latest. >> "911 operator: this is brunswick 911, where's your emergency? >> caller: emergency at. woman says that her baby apparently's been hit in the head or shot. >> 911 operator:her baby has been hit in the head or shot? >> caller: shot. i can't tell. she's screaming now." a chilling 9-1-1 call from a man who said he could see sherry west performing c-p-r on her 13-month-old son after he was shot in his stroller. police have now charged 17- year-old de'marquise elkins and a 14-year-old boy - whose name has not been released - with first-degree murder. according to authorities, elkins is being treated as an adult in criminal proceedings. elkins' aunt says police have the wrong person. >> "i am 100 percent positive that de'marquise elkins was not at the crime scene. he was at my residence." sherry west has strong words for the young men who are accused of killing her son, antonio. >> "you killed an innocent human life, and that um, i hope you die for it. and that's how i feel." police aren't releasing many details, saying they don't
want to jeopardize the investigation. however, they are reassuring the community that no stone is being left unturned. i'm cristina mutchler reporting. thousands of people hit the streets to honor the victims the victims of the sandyhook elementary school massacre. many with personal connections to those killed. the new pope making history. we'll show what happened during the first ever meeting with his predecessor. ahead. been waiting for the price of mattresses to fall?
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the f-b-i is asking for the public's help in identifying a serial bank robber in the east bay. dubbed the "button down bandit". he's accused of robbing a chase bank in palos verdes mall in walnut creek on march sixth. and a wells fargo bank on hop-yard road in pleasanton on march 12th. in both cases the suspect presented a note and verbally demanded money. authorities say he wears a long sleeved button down shirt during the robberies.earning his nick name. a missing lake county girl
is now safe at a relatives house in santa rosa tonight. jenica fredrick disappeared thursday morning from her home in cobb. she was reportedly upset about something before she went missing. many rescue crews -- including some from the bay area -- assisted in the search. which continued into today when fredrick's parents got a call from a relative saying that she was at their house safe and sound. areas of downtown martinez and the waterfront park were vandalized. it happened between thursday evening and early friday morning. officials say the people responsible used spray paint.mostly marking the words "asher" and y-b. most of the damage is at around the skateboard park and is estimated at 8,000-10,000 dollars as a result of the vandalism, there is the potential closure of the skate park. >> temperatures in the fifties. spectacular visibility sunshine tomorrow
and the east bay valleys will see mid 70's. changes however, with cooler temperatures some clouds over california. this part of a weather system and
remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on it's the first weekend of spring but winter is refusing to loosen its hold on the rockies. despite warmer weather ahead of us in the forecast much of colorado is being pummeled by a massive snow storm.
this is video taken from denver, colorado. the national weather service says denver could see up to seven inches of snow today. adding on to the ten to fifteen inches of snowfall that has already fallen. a little ways north of denver travelers along interstate 25 were stopped cold by a major crash. the colorado state police says that as many as 20 to 50 vehicles were involved in the accident. including a semi-tanker that caught on fire. meanwhile in the eastern part of the state. white-out conditions forced the
closure of nearly 150-miles of interstate 70 from denver to the kansas state line. an already soggy mess in birmingham, alabama may be getting worse before it gets better. rain falling overnight friday and into saturday morning caused the flooding that you see here. but forecasters warn that the heavy snowstorm that's pounding colorado is on its way. bringing with it hail and heavy winds. many residents and business owners say the flooding is becoming a serious issue. more than 15-thousand runners took part in a race to honor the victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre. and it seems that mostly everyone has a connection to the those who died that day in december. mike magnoli has more on the story
many of the people we met in this crowd of thousands have personal connections to sandy hook. >> "the impact of the day, and the caring and compassion that comes from teachers that um, i think only if you're a teacher, you can truly understand." >> reporter: erica keena and lisa masella are both from newtown and both are teachers in neighboring districts. for these two, this run brings back memories of where they were and what they were doing on the day their hometown elementary school was attacked. >> "i was in lockdown in the girls lockeroom with my students." >> "for me this has made me say 'i love you' more, hug more and spend more time with your family." >> reporter: anthony cormier is wearing a tee shirt with noah pozner's picture. anthony's mom and noah's mom are friends, so that's two degrees of separation between anthony and a victim. and, adding to the emotional toll, anthony is a new father: >> "all i can think of is my son and i don't know how i'd react if something ever happened to him. i know it's going to be emotional, especially crossing the finish line." >> "we prepare to begin this race in support of hope and healing, we pray that you will help to remind us that this run today is part of a far greater journey for all of us." >> reporter: the runners also helped raise money for the sandy hook families foundation. >> reporter: mike magnoli,
kron 4 news >> president obama stepped back onto u-s soil tonight. air force one landed at joint base andrews in maryland, returning from a trip to the middle east. the president met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas a historic meeting between a pope and his predecessor today. pope francis arrived at the papal retreat in south of rome and was greeted by pope benedict. the two men in white embraced and clasped hands before having lunch together. two popes.face to face-- it's the first such meeting recorded in the history of the catholic church. the pentagon says the u-s and the afghanistan government have finalized an agreement to transfer the parwan detention facility to afghan control. transfer of the facility is critical to the ongoing effort to shift control of the country's security to the afghans. it is also important as the u.s. and allies move toward the full withdrawal of combat troops by the end of 2014. >> former pakistani president pervez musharraf says he doesn't fear arrest despite facing criminal charges and promises to return to
his homeland on sunday. the former president has been in exile for more than four years and is returning to pakistan to take part in upcoming elections. in addition to legal problems.he is also facing the taliban's threats to assassinate him if he sets foot in the country. >> reporter: coming up the latest for march madness of the h p pavilion. also, car pool violations and the east bay in the next edition of people behaving badly. . [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat.
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> how are you doing? the reason why i stopped you is because you are in the carpool lane no matter how many times the chp goes out looking for carpool cheat they find them this woman tried to jump back into the non carpool when she saw the officer and was immediately flagged over i'm out with officer moore of the hayward office of the california highway patrol, now normally officer moore would be out on his motorcycle looking for violators but he got stuck with me on this day the driver claimed she was in a rush to pick up a friend from the hospital >> was it an emergency? turns she was never issued a drivers license so the officer takes her car keys and after giver her the ticket tells her >> unfortunately we are going to have to tow your car and seconds after writing
that ticket watch the brown mercedes try to sneak out of the carpool lane >> go ahead a pull over there right in front of my patrol car this driver also jumoed over hoping that she was not noticed, she was morning, are you on your way to work i stopped or the carpool lame you have license and registration lets tale to her do you ride the carpool often no only when i have kids i was really late this morning what happened when you say the chp officer i was like on the carpool lanes are from 5am to 9am and from 3pm to 7pm on interstate 880 monday through friday, holidays included this guy had a excellent excuse you said you were cut off? yes because this one car i actuually just cut me off i never actually done this before no this is your first time unless im with somebody >> first time riding by yourself in the carpool lane? >> yeah. what are the odds that the very first time you driver trought the carpool lane alone you get caught on camera?
>> infinitesimal... in hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.march madness hitting the bay area. right now cal playing in san jose against syracuse. kron4's scott rates is live outside the hp pavillion. scott - you've been with the fans all day out there? >> reporter: they are excited! and the fans are mostly confident. >> go paris.
>> is all about heart it does not matter about the rain, the stats. >> it is a tournament. >> it down. it is our time. >> cal has about a 30 percent chance of winning today. >> perhaps a 238 percent chance. >> is cal able to be today? >> yes. maybe a 20-30 percent chance today. >> yes, they have to get into the zone and play good defense. they have three big players that are good. and we have a pregame jitters and syracuse, however is tough. >> do you think that we can beat syracuse? >> i hope so that is all i can say. >> you do not seem that confident. >> it is college football, that is all i can say.
>> the have to have it there. it meant to have to play well. >> and if you can try to enjoy a low key basketball game. go tell. >> some fans are having a little bit too much fun and i have be seeing some cal fans. but coming up at 11:00 p.m. i will show you a reaction from fans at c h p pavilion. at the -- h p pavilion. >> the number one overall team just keeps rolling. today louisville put on a show against eighth-seed colorado state. winning 82- to-56. russ smith scored 27 points as the top-seeded cardinals dismantled colorado states offense. louisville forced the rams to cough up the ball a season-high 20 times. next up louisville will play 12th-seeded oregon on friday in indianapolis. harvard -- perhaps the tournaments biggest cinderella team thus far -- is heading home. arizona crushed them today.
74-to-51. mark lyons of arizona matched a career high by scoring 27 points as the sixth-seeded wildcats punched their ticket to the sweet sixteen. also disclose came with wichita lost the first number one falls they lost 67-72. wichita state scored 14 three-pointers. at one point late in the game and this is the first time that wichita state has succeeded to sweet 16 and since the year, 20 06. >> we have a nice day today. and even warmer with some locations near the bay will get it into the 70's. reporting live at the golden gate bridge we can see clearer conditions towards
marin county. there will remain clear tonight and temperatures right now are still pretty mild in the east bay. and the inland valleys. nearly 60 degrees in mountain view and berkeley. tonight, clear conditions and will be sunny for the entire day. for those temperatures to warm- up for the mid 70's. even 70's by the day but there are changes for next week. claude's showers all the details, coming up >> hundreds of guns turned in today at yet another gun buy kron 4's mike pelton shows us why this one comes with some controversy. >> every time you turn on the television or open the newspaper there is a killing. >> reporter: this is a no-
brainer. >> because i have c grandchildren. >> reporter: many joined this done by back why do not want these are run the house? >> in case they gets dolomite is what gets some money out of it. >> reporter: their hopes that this will help curb a spike. and authorities paid nearly $200 per working done. the money coming from the general fund. >> on him out here to say that this is being wasted. >> protesters saying that this gun buyback is a crime- fighting tool. >> we think that it is a pretty could cost effective way to do business. is not a bad investment in terms of public safety.
>> with hundreds of guns collected it is expected to increase safety but they care most about the cash. >> what are you going to do with the money? >> spend it and purchase gas. in san jose, mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> in just a few days, drivers along highway one, south of pacifica, will be able to start using the new devil's slide by-pass tunnels. kron 4's charles clifford shows us the new route. >> this is a google earth look along highway one just south of pacifica. this stretch of road is known as devil's slide. the highway here has been plagued for decades by ground, but on of march 26th this mile and half long stretch of roadway will be permanently closed to traffic. and cars traveling on highway one will be re- routed through a pair of twin tunnels that bypass devils slide altogether. to the north, highway one will closed down here and traffic will be transferred onto a pair of new bridges
that lead to and from the tunnels.. which enter the mountain here... each tunell will have a single 12 foot wide travel lane with shoulders on each side. once cars enter the tunnels they will travel about 4/5ths of mile underneath this mountain before reconnecting with highway one on the other side, completely bypassing the old roadway. the bypass tunnels have been 8 years in the making with a price tag of 439 millions dollars. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> drivers who commute across the golden gate bridge are in for major changes next week. kron 4's dan kerman is at the golden gate bridge to tell us what to expect and how you can save a little money in the process. >> reporter: on wednesday things are going to look much different with no more stopping. the toll takers will be gone and they will be transitioning into electronic toll length.
subscriptions to fast track have been skyrocketing. look at the numbers. there were 13,000 new subscriptions and so far, for the month of march, 16,000, plus. and for good reason that tolls across the goldecheaper. $5 ins6 but there are still other ways to pay. you can make a onetime payment at different kiosks to route the bay area or you can do nothing. the key is to not stop when you get to the toll plaza just keep going. >> if you for gatt? there is going to be a huge billboard reminding you not to stop and to keep on going. and a designated car
pool lane that will be lane number two. at the golden gate bridge dan kerman, kron 4 news. gamowcoming up. new video surfacing of a meteor, seen streaking seaboard. we have it next. then -- a man wrongly accused of a crime, finally released from prison after 20 years. but on his first day of freedom, he ends up in the hospital. and = why the lights across the world are being turned off -- briefly tonight. the news at eight, continues next.
>> david ranta, a new york
man who just left prison on thursday after a wrongful conviction, suffered a heart attack the very next day. ranta served more than 20 years after he was found guilty of killing of a brooklyn rabbi during a 19- 90 diamond heist. he was released when it was discovered a key witness lied. his lawyer says ranta is being treated at a local hospital. hours after his release from prison, his lawyer said ranta planned to file a civil rights lawsuit against the city of new york and the police department. because the incarceration had an immense effect on his health. >> fifteen train cars went off the tracks when a freight train derailed saturday in southern virginia. four of them ended up in the russell fork river. according to the transportation company, c-s- x, one of the derailed cars was leaking. it contained propionic acid, a corrosive material. a hazardous materials team is on the scene. the train was headed from north carolina to kentucky when the accident happened. no injuries were reported. >> big dreamers in 42 states are rushing to buy powerball tickets. the jackpot has climbed to it's sixth highest point. a whopping 3-hundred-20- million dollars. if there's a winner who takes the cash payout. it adds up to just under 2- hundred-million. that's quite a return on a 2-dollar ticket. the drawing is tonight at 8:59 p-m.
if you want a ticket == you can head to arizona or oregon. or next month, california is state. >> if anybody can get to arizona in 14 minutes it is vicki! [laughter] temperatures in the fifties. and for tomorrow it looks like a nice day with warmer temperatures than what we had for today. '70s in redwood city. temperatures are three, five degrees warmer than what we had today. we will have lots of sunshine. things will begin to change with clouds and cooler temperatures. this weather system is arriving late tuesday and wednesday. the chance for some light rain forecast just traces.
this system is going to park park itself over the central source with even saturday but it does not look like much. in the meantime the warm temperatures are the story. notice a lot of yellow. the north bay and even by the day readings in the '70s. at the coast of 50s and 60s. things will change on monday. the cloud coverage in the fog will limit the warming. now for tomorrow the coolest places will be in the north bay valleys still a chilly night. the highs look great. a nice day for the 70's with a few
degrees on above-average. '70s until peaches. '70s in redwood city. low mid 70's and even 74 degrees for concord, pittsburgh and antioch. san francisco will be about the same. 67 degrees in the same in berkeley. upper 60's and 70's for the north bay valleys. your kron 4 7 day around the bay as we go for next week it starts off cooler. tuesday a bit cooler which clouds coming in elite. the chance of light rain and coming in later--with even chances of friday go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebookndwitter feed.
starting at 8:30 p-m local time residents all over the world are turning off their lights in celebration of earth hour. all over the world people are asked to turn off the lights for one hour in order to raise awarness for the environment. lets take a look at some of the celebrations. here we are in australia where people shut down power to famous landmarks like the sydney harbor bridge. meanwhile over in china. big cities like beijing and hong kong participated in the event. more than seven-thousand cities across the planet are turning off their lights for an hour. this years earth hour is sponsered by the world wildlife fund. and this last shot is from london, england. there you can see big ben. powering down. if you haven't participated yet and you'd like to -- don't worry -- it's as simple as reaching over and
turning off the lights. and remember to try and keep them off until 9:30 tonight. a few have done this to an excess excess, you might need a clans. >> this is the new pressed juicery with bottled to go. >> it tasted good it was a citrus flavor. >> he seemed genuinely surprised. >> i thought i would have to do with the taste but it is falling. >> she took her passion for choosing from a los angeles and is bringing it to the bay area. >> one of our goals is to get fresh juice to as many people as possible. >> the concoctions come from cattle to chocolate to polanto -- cale -- and some
people do it to lose weight and to increase their trigger their metabolism. >> is simple they are magic. >> the greens 3 and to find out more ♪
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gabe slate tech report today is the big day for
blackberry it is available for sale at the at&t stores. there were no lines free-orders were strong. there is an interest. this is the new all a touch screen and the design resembles an iphone. the other q 10 with the physical keyboard will be out this summer. there is a new operating system that greatly improves the experience a clean, fast and easy to use. it is $200 with a two year contract. they are betting the farm on this because they have lost so much market share to other smartphones. they need this to sell like hotcakes. in other news, red box has teamed with verizon to offer a new streaming system on-line. it is $8 per month and you can have access to live and dvd movies and television. for now, it is only available to view on a desktop computer or video game consoles with x box or the application for
mobile devices' your first month is one month free. and you will get a credit for four free dvd rentals. one of the down sides is parking it is challenging. i wanted to show you this for fun but maybe some day it could be practical. this electrical scooter is lightweight that will fold up into itself and can even be dragged.. like a piece of luggage. you can even park this near your car, it is 55 lbs. with a 22 mph it is not really for road trips great for city dwellers. it is expected to reach the
market later this year. this is the newest member this adorable cub the second tiger she will not be jr for long.. i do not the date you could bring her home. >> good night we will see you at 11:00 p.m..